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Bluetooth Beacons For Real Estate – PART 3 : Interactivity

Bluetooth and other proximity beacon based marketing sensors are changing our world. It’s 2018 and this is how real estate agents are using this technology in the real estate industry for lead generation.

Hey I’m Travis Webster with OmniAgent and if you haven’t seen the other parts of our series on Bluetooth beacons and interactivity, please feel free to jump over to the “Beacons 101” or “Interactivity”. This part I’m really excited to talk about and that is the idea and the concept of proximity.

Proximity is literally the holy grail of everything marketing. The idea that the closer that you get to something or the closer that you are to something, the more important that becomes, is an incredibly crucial tipping point for marketers and advertisers to spend more dollars at that point of interaction. Think of a target, a big bullseye, which essentially is your reach, how far you can reach. As those circles become closer and closer to the bull’s eye the more intimate of a relationship that proximity is and the connection can become. OmniAgent is at the center of developing high quality professional proximity based marketing tools for the real estate industry. The entire real estate mantra, the way that we do business, is based on proximity and proximity to everything is what drives the entire real estate transaction. So, we thought this was incredibly interesting and once we started really learning the capabilities of Bluetooth beacons and our OmniPoints the whole world opened up. We’re just so excited to be sharing some of these things with you that are available to you right now.

Zillow and Research Statistics

Zillow just this year released their last year’s report and really loves this number, this 88% number. That is, “80 percent of all home buyers last year in 2017 use some sort of online resource to search and purchase their home.” That is an incredible number that spans all generations, all homebuyers across the entire United States. That is a big big big number. The number that they don’t necessarily enjoy sharing, which is what they’re trying to figure out, is that people still require proximity. 78 percent of all of those same exact buyers, still valued getting into a car driving to the properties that they feel are on the top of their list. They need to have an emotional connection with that property in person and see it before making a decision to call a real estate agent.

That is an outstanding point in time to recapture your lead back from Zillow’s rotating advertiser pool. I’m telling you this, because what we know, is that as soon as they leave that house, that point of interaction, they go back on to the Zillow platform and contact the next available agent or the agent that is already in a relationship with them.

OmniAgent Proximity Beacon Tool for Real Estate

We’ve done this by creating a simple and effective tool it’s a tool that is already finding success in the real estate industry. It’s a tool that is finding success all across the nation, in all types of industries including retail and businesses. It’s a way to turn your listing or real estate sign into a brand new property experience. This is important, because it’s not just a beacon that goes on a sign and broadcasts a message. What’s important to realize here is that the people who are leaving the Zillow platform and going to a physical location, a physical property to experience something, they’re looking for something more. They’re looking for an added value, a new experience that can sell them on that particular home that the online resources cannot. This is what OmniPoints are designed to do. We’re not just a simple beacon that just broadcasts a message. We are a very highly developed program that has figured out how to sense when people are nearby and offer them something that they cannot get on any other online resource.

Sends A Simple, Familiar Message To Smart Devices

There’s two ways that this can work. Our first way is the way that most beacons are being utilized in the real estate industry now. That is, you set up the device, it’s set up on a platform called Eddystone and basically anybody who has an Android device or a Bluetooth enabled device is capable of seeing the signal, will get a simple message just like this one that’s very familiar to them. It’s in their Notification Center. They don’t need to install any additional programs. They just have to have their Bluetooth turned on and be nearby. In our case, anywhere that’s within 30 feet of the house. They’ll be able to see this message and it just simply says “Hey we noticed you next to this house. We have something that we’d love to offer you about this house. It’s something you can’t get anywhere else”, and nine times out of ten someone’s gonna click on that to see what else is there to see about this house, that I can’t get from the massive data pools that our Zillow and Trulia and red fin and realtor.com. Once they’re in there, you can prompt them to a video, or a disclosure sheet that you want to offer them, specific information about a brand new roof, or allowances or credit that you’re offering for the house. Some sort of added value that gets them in the door with you. Then, for them clicking on it and you giving them something of value, in return for that you’re going to get their lead information. You’re going to be getting getting heir detailed information their. Their phone number, who they are and you have the ability to then send them to the app that we’ve created called Property Scout Pro.

This is an app that’s free with the package, with your subscription, with OmniAgent and is essentially a consumer-facing online portal that is branded and specific to you and your listing. It allows you to upload videos and content that you cannot necessarily upload on the major platforms. As you know there’s a lot of prohibited branding style content that you cannot put on Zillow, you cannot put on the MLS because it’s prohibited. So we’ve created a search style app that functions exactly like their experience on Zillow. You can offer this to them so that they can scroll through and have the same exact search experience that they’ll get anywhere else. Except, instead of you sharing your leads with the entire database of big online resources, you’re going to have all of your own contact details, your own information, your own message agent links, your own showing links, all proprietary to you. That come to you. It’s a way to recapture your lead before they go back to Zillow during this critical point at which they’re seeing the house. I just think that’s something incredibly powerful. If we’re professional agents and we’re serious about building our real estate business, but we are not doing this sort of lead generation, than we’re just missing the ball. Because, as we know from those that 78%… If we’re just letting that population skirt by and hope that they call our real estate sign, or hope that they decide to figure out our listing contact, or decide to back to Zillow and see who the listing agent is on the property instead of who the highest paid next available agent is, then we’re just really putting ourselves at a disadvantage. This is a way for those who are absolutely serious to start getting control of their leads back from online resources. To start controlling that interaction, adding a new emotional connection point with buyers that are driving by your house.

OmniAgent.Pro – Active vs. Passive Lead Generation

I know some of you are thinking isn’t this just like you know the old text to call information or the 800 dial me info lines that we used to have. Here’s the reason why it’s not. Those are active advertising. Those are active ways of marketing to a client. They require the person who’s passing by to act first, to make an active response to you, in hopes that when they call that line or they text that number or they call the agent on a sign, that they’re going to get someone that is competent and has a value to offer. The difference with OmniAgent and our OmniPoints is that you’re simply setting a signal that’s offering them something first and saying “Hey we have something of value here. You’re welcome to it. Thanks for coming by our house.” When they do that, they’re passively saying and agreeing to say; “Yes, I trust that and I thank you for that. Here is my lead contact details.” And that is an entirely new experience that buyers will genuinely appreciate. Being given something of value for something that they’re driving by intentionally trying to find. Getting something more about this property before having to call or interact with an agent.

Be Nearby – Bluetooth Proximity and Google Nearby Lead Generation

Chances are if you’re familiar with beacons and the beacon technology in the real estate industry and how they’re being used, You’re most likely already savvy with how this part works. This is using the Google nearby technology. This is a really interesting and cool feature that most people are offering on their beacons right now. This is something that we decided to go ahead and also integrate because it’s incredibly powerful. So, not only are you getting the sign value, the Property Scout Pro app and all the other features that we’re going to be offering that I’ll show you in the next video. But this nearby feature, this alone is one of the most powerful and incredible advertising resources that’s being developed right now. Nearby, the way google nearby works is the exact same way the signpost works. You simply get one of our OmniPoints and we program it into about a 200-foot radius, sometimes a little bit longer. For the most part it’s 200 feet. You stick it in your pocket and it’s pre-programmed with a (140) one hundred and forty character message and a URL of your choosing. That URL can send them to a YouTube video and introduction. It could send them to a listing that you’re trying to sell or it could just send them to your Facebook page, saying “Hey I’m Travis a local realtor and if you’re looking for a home, I’m in the area and I would love to show you around.” This becomes a broadcasting machine for you.

Where To Put Beacons – Real Estate Advertising

I mean if you can just imagine for a second if you had, let’s say two or three of these omni points that are programmed as the nearby beacons. You can program these things and let’s just say you have a local farmers market or a theme park nearby, or a highly crowded downtown dense area that you frequent often that’s within your advertising range where you want to sell. You get one of these programmed in here and really, you just go stick that in a coffee shop, at the farmers market or you know at a crowded theme park and 24 hours a day for an entire year, without ever having to replace the battery, it’s going to send out that signal and work like a slave to get leads for you. Every time someone clicks on that little button in their Notification Center, you’re going to get a contact and a lead that tells you, “Hey someone’s interested in in saying hi to you or this person went to your website.” You’re going to see that traffic. This alone, by itself, without all of the other options and functionality that OmniAgent has built into our platform is an incredible lead generation tool. You could literally have a fleet of OmniPoints on your all your listings, a couple in your car, one at a theme park, one at a coffee shop and one in your purse or your pocket that you carry around every day and have an army of advertisers that are all broadcasting your signal and what you do. It is a point of interaction that is just becoming a necessity in the 21st century. To be able to interact with people in the moment, digitally and if you are using our OmniPoints through an OmniAgent platform, then you just have an incredible suite of functions available to you that are able to not only do this, but do an a whole slew of other things.

OmniAgent.Pro – Beta Release and How To Get Started

So, if you’re interested, go ahead and watch the interactive interactivity video (Video Link: https://youtu.be/stQ9Cf7Eya0) which will walk you through just some of the most incredible things that we’re doing with the OmniPoints both inside of homes outside of our homes, including the future of what we’re bringing to this technology. Right now for Central Florida users, we’re doing a beta invite only. It is available to you now. We are heavily integrated with the MFR MLS. So, if if this is a technology you’d like to start using today, we have a early adopter subscription rate, a discounted rate for those early adopters who sign up in the next couple of weeks that will get you access to everything that we’re talking about here and in the interactivity side of things. It will pretty much open up the entire suite of what we’re doing here and now and in the future for this locked in rate. We will never raise the rate on our early adopters you’re locked in for life and that’s even when we go national. When we release this platform nationally here in the next year and increase our rates, you as early adopters here in Central Florida will be locked in and not have to worry about the rate increases.

So, if you’re interested in exploring this a little bit more, we have a free 14-day trial. I’m really excited to introduce this to you guys and I’m really excited that the traction how fast we’re growing. There’s just so much that we have still to develop and still to do. This technology is becoming a very powerful powerful tool for real estate agents that are serious about building their business and really getting that lead generation engine moving at full speed

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OmniAgent is at the center of developing high quality professional proximity based marketing tools for the real estate industry. The world is getting smarter and real estate agents listing tools should get smarter too. We develop tools, strategies and products for real estate agents that what to adapt and evolve with technology trends.

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