OmniAgent is at the center of developing high quality, professional, proximity based marketing tools and bluetooth beacons for the real estate industry. The world is getting smarter and the listing tools real estate agents use should get smarter too.


  • DEMO
    Limited Agent Account
    Access The Agent Dashboard
  • The OmniAgent Pro V1.0 dashboard is constantly growing with new bluetooth beacon tools for real estate agents and proximity marketing content. Peek inside as a limited agent user.
Single Agent BETA
  • OmniAgent Pro V1.0 is officially here and we are offering this special BETA rate for a limited time.
    • $39.99/mo
    • Billed After 14 Day Trial
    • Free 14 Day Trial
    • TWO Free Beacons
    • Unlimited Beacon Support
    • Beta Pricing for Life
    Multi-Agent Accounts
    Broker and Team Plans
  • We work with larger real estate teams and brokers to integrate and manage OmniAgent Pro V1.0 bluetooth beacons. New location offices and teams require a min of 10 agents.


We're available to chat 24 Hours just send a brief message.

If you would like to know more about OmniAgent Pro or have one of our team members come to your office for a Demo, please feel free to contact us.

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